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The ranking of a site for a keyword is important for every SEO professional. In addition, competitors' rankings must be kept in mind. You can manually type in search engine queries to do this. But that takes a lot of time and isn't always accurate. Thanks to many awesome tools, this can be done automatically..

It shows a website's rankings, using keywords, in Google's search engine results. Google Adwords' checker displays not only the URL, position and volume of a keyword, but also the language, CPC, and competition level as well. Keywords are updated once a month.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a keyword position checker?

A keyword position checker is a web page that allows you to enter a search term and return the top results ranked by the search engine. Unlike a normal search, the results are not necessarily the most relevant pages, but the pages that the search engine has determined to have the highest value for the term.

A keyword position checker allows you to find out if the search engine has already determined the value of a page for a term, which is then based upon the number of links pointing to a page divided by the number of links pointing to all of the pages returned by the search engine. Google's keyword rank checker tool is a great example of a keyword position checker.

How do I check my keyword ranking?

Using this tool, you can check your keyword ranking. This keyword position tool helps you to check the ranking of your keywords.

When someone searches on google or yahoo, the search engine would return thousands of advertisements or websites linked to the search. To make it easy for the user to find the relevant information, the entire website is ranked based on the keyword used by the user. The website which the user clicks on the most would rank higher. It is advisable for anyone who is into online business to have keywords on the website. Keywords are a good SEO strategy.