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About Meta Tag Generator

Free Meta Tags Generator

Meta tags are HTML attributes that appear in the <head> section of every webpage. Meta tags are hidden to the users and search engines, but they help search engines understand the website in front of them. There are a couple of different kinds of meta tags:

Here, we'll define meta tags, identify some of the most important meta tags you need to keep an eye on and provide instructions so you can begin incorporating meta tags into your HTML today.

This is a small paragraph of descriptive text that appears in the code of your web page, but not on the front end. In order to rank on SERPs for the right keywords, you must use meta tags to inform search engines what your site is about and how to index your page.

Meta tags are words and short phrases that you add to your website’s HTML code that allows your site to show up in search engine results. What makes meta tags interesting is that they are hidden in your code, so search engines can add keywords and phrases to your listing without you actually having to add them to your content.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Meta Tags & FREE Meta Tags Generator?

Meta tags are information about your web page. They help search engines display your content on the results pages. For example, some search engines use your meta description to display a short description of your page in search results. There are also many other things meta tags can be used for, such as controlling the display of social media buttons, OpenGraph tags, and Twitter cards.

This FREE Meta Tags generator helps you generate multiple meta tags for free.

How does this FREE Meta Tags Generator work?

Meta tags are HTML tags that tell search engines what a website is about. They are called meta tags because they are written in an HTML tag called meta. Meta tags are not displayed in the browser like normal HTML tags. Instead, they are in the HTML source of the web page. The meta tags are often used for search engine optimization (SEO) to help increase ranking for a website in search engine results.