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Use this Moz Rank Checker by RecordMetrics to check the link popularity of a particular web page. Use Moz Rank Checker to determine the SEO rating of different web pages. With this tool webmasters can check websites to make analytic reports of web pages or websites faster and easier, with half the effort that visiting multiple dashboards would take.

To be able to improve your MozRank, you must consider linking to authority pages or domains. All website owners want a high MozRank, but in order to do so, you must use link building schemes. Linking your webpages to popular pages or websites can help you rank higher in search engines. Having web links (URLs) on popular websites that are also related to the content of your web page is extremely important. The first thing to do when building links on a domain is to check the domain's Mozrank. It's best to stay away from link farms since search engines like Google are able to detect such links, which can put your site at risk rather than help.