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You can use Page Size Checker to determine the actual size of a web page for free online. Website speed is determined by the size of the page. Check the size of your webpage to optimize your results. You can check a page's size by entering a URL.



The speed with which a website loads determines its performance. A faster loading site results in a lower bounce rate. This tool checks the page size of a website for free. In KB, it shows the size of your site.

You need to know the standard website size before using a Website Page Size Checker Tool. Page dimensions exceeding 3 megabytes increase bounce rate. Additionally, it can affect your traffic.

First, you must determine your website's size to increase the speed of loading. Your domain name's size can be checked. You should begin working on the layout of your website if its size is greater than 3MB. Those are the default dimensions of web pages and screen measurements on mobile phones.

Using the Site Size Checker Tool, you can find out the average size of any URL. The size of the file needs to be entered as the URL. This tool will calculate the dimensions of the webpage of a given URL. There are very few ways to gauge a page's dimensions.

All of it will be saved for you, as we know how we will do. By using our Page Size Checker Tool on our website, you will gain an understanding of how it works. You don't need to spend any money to calculate the dimensions of a specific URL.