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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

A reverse IP lookup can be performed using the Reverse Lookup tool. Our system will attempt to find dns PTR records for IP addresses you type in. You can then click on the IP address to learn more. In general, your ISP is responsible for setting up and maintaining these Reverse DNS records (i.e. PTR records).

The Reverse IP Lookup technique identifies hostnames that are associated with a DNS (A) record.

One IP address can be configured to serve several virtual hosts. Shared hosting environments commonly use this technique. As a result, many organizations use this strategy and it can be a very effective way to expand an entity's attack surface. Taking advantage of a less secure site on the same server may allow you to gain access to the underlying operating system, for example if your main target site appears to be secure. It may be possible to bypass the site's security measures.

Spam emails also fall into this category. In the event that one site on the same server is flagged as spam, there is a high probability that your domain will be too, which will result in your emails not being delivered or being sent to the spam folder.

In the event that you find any suspicious websites hosted on your reverse domain check, ask your web hosting company to move you to another server or another IP address.