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About Server Status Checker

Status is an indication of your server's status, as its title indicates. Whether the response from your website is OK or not is set via Http or Https. You can be sure your server is not responding right now if it's not. It is free to use and completely straightforward. To check the server status, you are always only two steps away. An error message may appear saying, 'Please provide at least one valid URL'. Is that a good thing? If so, how? You have entered an incorrect URL.

Alternatively, you did not specify response type, for example HTTP, HTTPS or similar, with URL. Remember to always enter a full URL. You can copy the URL from a browser and paste it into the box. By using the Tool, numerous URLs can be checked with one click, and many URLs at once. There is a status record for each of the URLs. Let's try it out today!

To check the ranking of a site, a server status checker is essential. Find out whether your favorite site is down or online with our helpful Tool. The server status of your website will be displayed. Webmasters should use it every day as it is an efficient tool.

Reports are generated using this tool in tabular format. The status of a website that reads "200" means it is accessible. When the website shows "500," it means there's a problem with the server.