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The majority of computer savvy people know how to take a screenshot of their computer screen. On a smartphone or tablet, you probably know how to take a screenshot. A visitor taking a screenshot of a site is something entirely different. Website masters are sometimes notified by customers that their site is down and that it has been hacked or has been hit by malware. Perhaps there is a problem with the website displaying the page it should. In the first instance, you should ask the visitor about the problem to try and understand it. It is not uncommon for visitors to not understand your questions, or to speak in a foreign language. As a result, you now find yourself in a real quandary which has no readymade solution. A potential customer can also be disappointed, which is a loss for you.

In such cases, you should ask visitors to take a screen shot and email it to you. Your visitor is likely to encounter another problem here, namely that he or she is not familiar with taking a screenshot to email to you.

Printing the screen is not the same for every computer or laptop. It may be necessary to press both the 'ctrl' and 'prt sc' buttons on some computers. Take a screen shot by pressing the 'fn' key and the 'prt sc' key. Other programs require you to press the ‘alt’ and ‘prt sc’ buttons. It would be easy if your website visitor uses the same brand of computer as you and speaks the same language as you. If they want to take a screenshot, you can tell them which keys to press. Ask them to take a screen shot using different keys if they are using a different computer.